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A lesson in Health Prevention..and privilege.

Few of us expect to be confronted with our own mortality during the course of your average workday, but that’s exactly what happened to Bill Weir last Friday, January 13th.

In Los Angeles to interview renowned cancer specialist and preventive medicine proponent, Dr. David Agus, Bill underwent a battery of tests to show the Nightline audience the analytics behind Dr. Agus’ approach. What he discovered was beyond anything he expected, and changed the entire course of the story he went to cover.

The Ultimate Example of Preventive Medicine | This Could Be Big – Yahoo! News

Please watch the video attached to this article. It’s eye- opening.

—— My comments after watching the video ——–

This story really resonated with me, because I feel it is SOOO important to do all you can to prevent incidence of disease. Simple changes in your life can make a big difference.. try to eat healthy more often than not, move for about 30 minutes everyday, and get in regular doctor’s visits to screen and catch signs  of disease that can be treated early.

What irked me about this was that Bill Weir did not go to the doctor regularly…he didn’t even have a doctor. He took it for granted that he was healthy and there wasn’t a need to monitor his health status by seeing a doctor.

This man has a regular job and presumably good health insurance coverage. (He might not..I’m not sure how much money journalists for ABC make or what benefits they get). HOWEVER, I can assume that ABC at least offers health insurance. But he didn’t have a doctor.

Bill Weir is really blessed to have been given this particular assignment and signs of disease were caught early. I am glad that he opened up and admitted to not having a doctor in the hopes that this helps others out there.. but at the same time I am really upset.

There are millions of American’s without health insurance coverage. Many who could be suffering from chronic disease. Many might have already been diagnosed, but can not afford to go see a doctor and get treated.

Stories like this is a slap in the face.

If you have health insurance… and can afford regular doctor’s visits. GO TO THE DOCTOR. Please.

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Change requires all of us.

My current occupation involves working to prevent childhood obesity in children aged 0-5. I work for a collaboration of agencies that make a commitment towards obesity prevention by taking on projects that promote healthy eating and active living for little kids, but also encourages adopting environmental and organizational policy change in the work place.

Many of our partnering organizations work directly with young children: child care agencies, community non-profits, hospitals. The goal of adopting organizational policy is to encourage modeling good behavioral practices for our children. You can’t tell a child to eat more vegetables while munching on a donut. Kids learn from us by watching us and acting accordingly.

If you want to change your child’s behavior, you have to look at how your own behavior influences theirs. This is an individualistic idea, however, my organization’s goal is to work with the local community using this same concept.

Changing the lives of our children requires the work of the community. Low income and poor families can not raise healthy and happy children on their own. They need our help.

While doing some work..I found this video that sums up my point visually, and I must say quite emotionally.

This video asks organizations to invest in our children. If you, personally, were convinced of this idea, you might be wondering what you can do.


Nov. 2nd is a day this year that we get to decide how this country is run and who is going to run it. This isn’t about who is running for President. It’s about who is going to be your governor, what propositions are going to be passed, who is going to be your district attorney, who is going to be sitting as a judge in your county, what is going to be done to clean up the streets in your neighborhood. All of these things combined affect the lives of our community, our families and our children.

You may not have all the money needed, but you have the power to make change.

“Make that change.” Vote on Nov. 2nd.

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“When I was youngun I used to walk 10 miles to school!”

When I was a kid, my brother and I did walk miles in order to get to school. My mother didn’t have a car. I’m still walking to this day..carrying on my mother’s tradition of not driving..33 years and counting!


According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, 30 years ago “nearly 90% of children who lived within a mile of school used active transportation (i.e., walking or bicycling) as their primary mode of travel (USDOT, 1972).” Today, you don’t see many kids making the journey to school on their own two legs anymore.

Let’s Move.org, Michelle Obama’s initiative to reduce childhood obesity, is promoting International Walk to School Day and have written about it on their blog.

Check it out here: “Walk to School Day”

Afterward, pick your child up from school today and walk them home. 🙂

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