Similarities between Occupy Oakland and Stand for Oakland

Zenophan Abraham‘s youtube channel posted a video of Boots Riley confronting  supporters of Stand for Oakland.

Boots Riley has a point. I think Stand for Oakland needs to come to a General Assembly and bring a proposal in support of non-violent action at future protests/demonstrations.

Like all other government institutions Occupy Oakland is organized democratically..

There are some in #OO who believe in non-violent protest but they are out voted. If there is enough people to support a non-violent proposal, enough people to speak up in support and refute those against, a proposal would pass and the organization would have to follow. Right?

There are other ironic similarities between both movements.

Can’t escape violence

The man in the video can’t seem to separate the violence that occurs at Occupy protests from Occupy Oakland movement in general. However, the anti #OO movement isn’t immune to the problems inherent to Occupy Oakland either. During the Oakland City Council Meeting last night, someone testified that Occupy Oakland was being threatened with violence by some who are against #oo, and showed a flyer that said “Kill the Occupiers”. Can we attribute violent behavior of a few anti #OO individuals to the Stand for Oakland group as a whole? I would hope not.

Conflict is newsworthy

Stand for Oakland took the time out of their day to protest in front of City Hall, disrupt the peace of Frank Ogawa plaza to protest Occupy Oakland’s protest. They had news coverage.. the irony is that the only coverage worth mentioning was when there was conflict. When I turned on MSM ( main stream media ..Channel 5 news specifically) about the Stand for Oakland event, it wasn’t all positive.  It was “Shouting match at Frank Ogawa plaza” ..etc. Was that what Stand for Oakland was looking for in the coverage of the protest?  If the MSM can so easily turn something that was supposed to be positive into a negative about Stand for Oakland..imagine what they can turn an Occupy Oakland event into?

Everyone uses free speech

It seems both groups are using the same tactics to influence law makers:  protesting in downtown Oakland to attract media, in order to influence the city government to take action.

  • Stand for Oakland and the Business community doesn’t thing the City is doing enough to protect residents from #Occupy Oakland.
  • #Occupy Oakland doesn’t think the city is doing enough to protect residents from big Business and OPD and helping those that need help.

Neither one of the groups seem to want to cooperate within each others system to make change. Stand for Oakland says they agree with Occupy Oakland’s movement in general. GREAT: then go to General Assembly and participate. Make your complaints there and work on solutions there!

Occupy Oakland ..I have to hand it to you, you went to City Council last night to protest the proposal to protect the Port of Oakland by increasing police enforcement of laws against blocking streets and assembling without a permit. The proposal did not pass. But it wasn’t a win for Occupy Oakland (IMO).  It was a win for freedom of speech and the right to assemble.  The shouting match that went on between #OO and some Council members was horrible (IMO). The counsel listened to you quietly as you gave your speeches.. but when it was their turn some of you would not let them speak.

It not only bugs me (personally because I am a quiet person and I don’t like yelling)..but it gives MSM and those against #OO credibility in their arguments against you. What if a bunch of roudy Stand for Oakland folks went to General Assembly and shouted YOU down? Would you like that?

There is something to be said about catching more bees with honey.

My point in all of this is that it seems that both organizations are working to have a better Oakland. I think everyone needs to take to the time to listen to each other, respectfully, and figure out a way to work together to make it happen.  Do your research. Don’t just listen to the inflammatory language of MSM, or the Police, the Mayor, Occupy Oakland (either side essentially) and let it mislead you.  Don’t let the violent actions of a few distract people from the point of your protest.

Further comments I would like to make and rant about:

To Anti Occupy Oakland:

  •  Occupy Oakland isn’t made up of only young white out of towners!
  •  Occupy Oakland didn’t bum rush YMCA.
  •  Occupy Oakland isn’t all violent.
  •  City of Oakland: Street protest and broken windows and graffiti isn’t violence. Murders and robbery is. I wish the city and OPD would redirect their priorities on their own. People are dying in the streets and you CHOOSE to focus your efforts on Occupy? REALLY?

To Occupy Oakland

  •       PLEASE .. choose sustainable winnable actions. Taking over the Kaiser building was not one of them. Make a clear distinction between symbolic actions and real change.
  •       Random acts of vandalism may express anger but it is pointless. You love hate the blight that is found in other areas of the city..contributing to it does not help. I liked it when after the Nov. 2 protests groups of people cleaned up after the vandalism. Continue doing that. That would bring goodwill and will help separate yourself from the ‘violence’
  •       Be thorough in your research –  the City Council does not control OUSD  or give them funding. The State of California gives funding to the school districts. Go to Sacramento and protest there.  (THAT would be FUN!)

TO EVERYONE: I hate cigarettes..QUIT SMOKING!!! <— I yelling here? 😉


EDIT: Davey D just posted a an article about Black Bloc and ‘diversity of tactics’ Check it out:

Are Black Bloc and diversity of tactics hurting or helping the Occupy Movement?



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Bay Area minorities “Get Active”

If you are a frequent reader of my blog (or have spoken to me for a couple of minutes) you would know that my goal is to see more of my peers, young minorities, participate in local politics or have a more active interest in making Oakland a better place.

But don’t think that there isn’t anything like that going on, already. Au contraire! ..There are a lot of individuals and organizations doing awesome things for our great city, state and country.

Here are some examples that have occurred over the past week and an event that is happening pretty soon that you might want to participate in.

A young man doing great things.

A guy I follow on twitter often tweets: “get active,” presumably to encourage his followers to be more involved in their community. Pendarvis Harshaw (@ogpenn) practices what he preaches. A recent Howard graduate, this Oakland writer and educator teaches teens about political activism and you can find articles of his about local Oakland happenings at I am greatly inspired by him and look forward to watching him grow into a future Oakland leader. (Not that he isn’t doing a good job already.)

Check out this video by New America Media featuring Mr. Harshaw and young people in Oakland participating in workshops at the Oakland Art Museum

BMOC Mic Check. January 14th, 2012 from New America Media on Vimeo.

Status of Young Men of Color

Harshaw was training young people to testify at a Congressional Committee hearing held in Oakland last Friday on The Status of Young Men of Color. Growing up as a young minority male is not easy, especially not in Oakland or the state of California. Our young men are tempted by drugs, violence and crime as an alternative to contributing to a community that doesn’t seem care enough to give them a quality education or provide jobs.

CA Assemblyman Sandre Swanson and other minority Assembly members are seeking a solution. On Friday, the Young Men of Color committee heard from elected officials, local organizations, residents and young students addressing such issues as health, education, violence prevention and youth employment.

“This is a rescue mission,” said Assemblyman Sandre Swanson, D-Alameda, who worked for more than a year-and-a-half to help create the committee and now serves as its chairman. “We were walking by this problem and not paying attention to it. We took it for granted that it had to be that way, and it didn’t.”

Committee addresses quality of life issues for young Latino Men” Oakland Tribune, Jan. 20, 2012

The committee heard ideas such as creating safer environments to walk to school, access to quality health care and increasing job opportunities for youth. This hearing is the first of many to be held in cities across California, like Los Angeles and Fresno. The hearings are supposed to help provide ideas for future policy to help improve the status of young men of color. However, with the current CA budget crisis, it seems like funding for education and other social programs are the first to be cut. Will having hearings like these make a difference if we don’t have a budget, governor or state legislature to support proposed policies?….

East Bay Black Young Democrats

…It’s possible to fix many of the problems facing minorities, if we place people in elected positions that care about these issues and will fight when important programs are threatened. Orgs like the California Young Democrats – Black Caucus is trying to do just that!

Last week I joined the California Young Democrats- Black Caucus in their Northern California leg of their “Progressing

SF Board of Supervisor Malia Cohen speaks on the importance of all of us working together to re-elect President Obama

Together Tour”. At The Press Club in San Francisco last week, local minority elected officials and supporters gathered to celebrate accomplishments for the year, support Bay Area candidates and to fundraise in support of a new chapter: The East Bay Black Young Democrats, to be headed by Mark Williams, a 25 – year old African American AC Transit Director.

Part of the EBBYD Mission is to (among other things) “Contribute to the growth and influence of young Black/African American people by educating and registering voters, developing leadership, contributing to the development of the EBBYD platform and in other ways as supported by the EBBYD membership.”

Pretty cool!

The California Young Democrats-Black Caucus want to reach 10, 000 young black democrats (14-36) across the state of California to support 15 black candidates who are seeking election in 2012. As of last week, they were only $200 short of their fundraising goal. For more information about how to contribute or to how to join EBBYD contact:

  • East Bay Black Young Democrats: ,(510) 589-0975
  • California Young Democrats Black Caucus:

I donated a little and got this nifty pin!

Future event? State of the Union, Tuesday Jan. 24th

Okay, President Obama isn’t from the Bay, however there are plenty of Bay Area residents who want to see him re-elected.

The Obama for America Oakland chapter will be hosting a State of the Union watch party at Everett and Jones, Jan 24th at 5 pm! RSVP here: CD9 OAKLAND ALAMEDA COUNTY STATE OF THE UNION WATCH PARTY

Why should we watch the State of the Union? Some say this is the first official ‘kick-off’ to the general election. Obama is expected to outline his plans for the year (including getting more jobs) in the hopes of convincing us why it is so important to keep him office.

Why should we watch it at Everett and Jones? ‘Cause it’s Everett and Jones!! Also OFA will outline their plans for the campaign this year. If you are interested in helping in that effort, you should come and get more information.


End note:

I’m a Democrat for the most part. So, I tend to talk about democratic things.

However you don’t have to be Democrat to be active in the community or in political elections. There are “the others”.. The Republicans. The Green Party, the Independents and ..and even the anti-political groups like Occupy Oakland.

Whatever your preference, I urge you to participate ..instead of just letting things happen. Change comes through active participation from everyone. Not just the President, Governor, Mayor or City Council.

We all need to be active.

So good people..what are you doing to ‘be active?’ What organizations do you feel need to be highlighted? Are you going to watch the State of the Union? What would you like President Obama to say?


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A lesson in Health Prevention..and privilege.

Few of us expect to be confronted with our own mortality during the course of your average workday, but that’s exactly what happened to Bill Weir last Friday, January 13th.

In Los Angeles to interview renowned cancer specialist and preventive medicine proponent, Dr. David Agus, Bill underwent a battery of tests to show the Nightline audience the analytics behind Dr. Agus’ approach. What he discovered was beyond anything he expected, and changed the entire course of the story he went to cover.

The Ultimate Example of Preventive Medicine | This Could Be Big – Yahoo! News

Please watch the video attached to this article. It’s eye- opening.

—— My comments after watching the video ——–

This story really resonated with me, because I feel it is SOOO important to do all you can to prevent incidence of disease. Simple changes in your life can make a big difference.. try to eat healthy more often than not, move for about 30 minutes everyday, and get in regular doctor’s visits to screen and catch signs  of disease that can be treated early.

What irked me about this was that Bill Weir did not go to the doctor regularly…he didn’t even have a doctor. He took it for granted that he was healthy and there wasn’t a need to monitor his health status by seeing a doctor.

This man has a regular job and presumably good health insurance coverage. (He might not..I’m not sure how much money journalists for ABC make or what benefits they get). HOWEVER, I can assume that ABC at least offers health insurance. But he didn’t have a doctor.

Bill Weir is really blessed to have been given this particular assignment and signs of disease were caught early. I am glad that he opened up and admitted to not having a doctor in the hopes that this helps others out there.. but at the same time I am really upset.

There are millions of American’s without health insurance coverage. Many who could be suffering from chronic disease. Many might have already been diagnosed, but can not afford to go see a doctor and get treated.

Stories like this is a slap in the face.

If you have health insurance… and can afford regular doctor’s visits. GO TO THE DOCTOR. Please.

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Oakland residents honor MLK by gathering to stop the violence.

“Our greatest resource is our children” — Refa. Stop the Gunfire – MLK Gathering 2012, Jan. 16th

This is a common utterance that is heard by activists that speak about youth..yet you wouldn’t know it by looking at the violence that has occurred in Oakland this past year. Three babies under the age of 5 were fatally shot due to gun violence. As of October 2011 the number of homicides in Oakland was at 94. I don’t know how many other shootings occurred during the holidays.

Today Regeneration Church and Reverend Harry Louis Williams II, hosted “Stop the Gunfire- MLK Day Gathering 2012” a grassroots program hoping to find a solution towards reducing the violent crimes in Oakland. Attending by over a 100 civic leaders, activists and residents, presenters pleaded with participants to gather together as a community, put our arms around our youth and pray for peace in order to make a change. This event was heavily influenced by Christianity and a belief that Jesus Christ is the answer to the crisis we are facing. ..

Rev. Harry Louis Williams II kicks off the "Stop the Gunfire - MLK Gathering 2012"

One of the speakers, whose name I did not catch, started out the event by recalling the story of Cain and Abel. He said when Cain killed his brother Abel, God heard the blood of his brother cry out to Him. The speaker then asked if God was to put his ear towards the streets of Oakland, what would he hear?

Following that opening, guest speakers like Councilmember Pat Kernighan, family members of slain children, and local activists like George Galvis (who fought against gang injunctions) came to speak, sing, and recite poetry for 5 minutes on what they are doing to make our city a better place to live.

Pastor Mustafa Muyhee, BASIC Ministries

Pastor Mustafa Muyhee of BASIC Ministries told us that MLK brought change as an answer to the problems they faced in the past. It was the gospel of Jesus Christ that gave him the power to make change. “Only Jesus can change the heart of a murder” said Muyhee who confided that 10 years ago he used to be a murderer. He said those that know Jesus need to bring the gospel to the murderers, prostitutes and drug that they can turn their lives around like he did.

Brenda Grisham, Christopher LaVelle Jones Foundation

Brenda Grisham’s son, Christopher LaVelle Jones, died on New Year’s Eve 2010. He was 17 years old and on his way to church services when shots rang out. He died trying to protect his mother, sister and niece. She says that she continues to pray for the men who shot her son. “We can not save a life unless we put our arms around the offenders.”

Refa 1

Refa 1 (Revolutionary Educator for Africa) says that it’s culture that has our attention. But that there is a system that is promoting, yet corrupting our culture and making millions of dollars at our expense. Young black men are listening. After an innocent young man who was doing good things in his life was killed in West Oakland, Refa decided to paint spray paint a mural on the corner of 14th and Campbell, an area that has been terrorized by violence for over 20 years. Neighbors and youth were inspired .. some even donating money. Two years after the mural was complete, crime has been dramatically reduced out of respect for the young man killed. “We can make change at a grassroots level”

Nola Brantley, MISSSEY

Nola Grant, Executive Director and Founder of MISSSEY (Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth) says that violence starts before it gets to the street. It stems from domestic violence witnessed in the home, poverty, drug use ..and those examples are just the beginning. We need to start looking deeper. We need to identify the problem so that we can turn to a solution that does not involve violence and anger. Finally, yes we need to come to GOD for prayer and answers, however God’s work is not done inside the church walls. Through sacrifice and giving up something of ourselves, we should go outside of the church walls and make change in our community.

Cephus "Uncle Bobby" Johnson, Oscar Grant's Uncle

“We can never be satisfied as long as police brutality exists in our community” says Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson, Oscar Grant’s Uncle. He shared with us how Oscar Grant’s seven-year old daughter Tatiana is now afraid of the police. He says police brutality creates anger in the community which then becomes misdirected. Uncle Bobby said “We are in a state of emergency!” and that it’s up to our men (black, brown and white) to take the leadership role and at the same time the community has to take time out of our lives to mentor young men. Learn more about what he is doing by visiting The Oscar Grant Foundation

There were many more presentations and stories shared during the program that would make this blog post too long to cover..

The program ended with a free lunch and an opportunity to visit community organizations sharing information about their work. Take the time to visit their websites and learn more about how you can help them fight violence in the streets.

As I left the church to head home, I noticed a little boy, no more than five, running in and out of the church, laughing and interacting with people while his parents were networking outside. He was comfortable and unafraid..knowing that he was perfectly safe to roam freely.

Hopefully with more events like these, we can work together to make sure that all the children of Oakland can have that same kind of freedom.


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Emerge California celebrates women at Make Westing!

Another great night in Oakland that I can’t wait to share.

Emerge California East Bay hosted a fundraiser celebration last night at Make Westing and I was very fortunate to be able to attend.  I had a ball! I want to share the good times with here we go!

Make Westing is packed with Emerge California celebrants

Emerge California is part of a national movement that trains women to run for Democratic elected office at the local, state and federal level. So far, Emerge has trained over 600 women across the United States, and at least 40% go on to run for office.  Half of those were successful. As SNL’s Miley Cyrus would stay: “That’s pretty cool!”

Last night, Emerge California wanted to celebrate graduates who were running for elected office in 2012, as well as raise a little money for their campaigns. These awesome women are running for offices in the City Council, School Board..all the way up to State and Federal government.

Alumni and the current Emerge California classmates were on-hand to have some drinks and network with the likes of  Oakland City Councilmembers Libby Schaaf and Pat Kernighan, Mayor Jean Quan and City Attorney Barbara Parker.  However, the party wasn’t just for women. There plenty of men on hand, some of whom were running for local office as well, like Mario Juarez running for Oakland City Council District 4 and Joel Young  and Abel Guillen both of whom are running for State Assembly in the 18th District.

Emerge California Executive Director Kimberly Ellis was ecstatic as she applauded all the candidates for 2012. She said Emerge California is about leveling the playing field and addressing the lack of diversity in elected positions. She also appreciated the men who were present for their support and recognizing the value of having more women represented in government.

Ellis also thanked Make Westing, for being such gracious hosts!

Make Westing is a local bar found in the Uptown District of Oakland (17th and Telegraph) that serves cocktails, beer, wine, gourmet snacks..AND delicious (plus nutritious!) cucumber water. The venue is spacious, the bartenders are nice and the owners Bay Area natives. Yes, sports fans, there is a flat-screen TV to watch the latest game while having a beer with friends.

I’m not a huge drinker or sports fan.. so the most compelling feature of the bar is the Bocce Ball Court.

Bocce Ball..what the heck is that?

It’s an Italian ball game, that consists of throwing balls in a dirt lane with the hope that they land closest to the game ball

Make Westing's Bocce Court

(or the Pallino). Does that make sense to you? It didn’t to me either (read more about Bocce here ). Yet, when challenged to a friendly “girls vs boys” competition between random strangers, I was down for a little ball throwing action.

Three games later, my teammate (the girlfriend of one of the bartenders) and I emerged as the undisputed winners! I left the bar in good spirits, with lots of contacts, new friends and a promise to play Bocce again.

What a night!

Take home message? Women make up only 17% of elected officials in the United States. That’s really sad considering that the rest of the world is much more enlightened (we rank 84 in women representation, behind Mexico and Pakistan!). We need to support women running for office and demonstrate that America is the liberated country that we say we are!

Besides women are natural born winners.. (my Bocce ball experience is a prime example).

Support local business.  Oakland, Make Westing is an awesome place to be. I am sure you will have as great a time there as I did. Go have a drink there some time. Play a little Bocce. Watch some football. Drink the water. It’s tasty!

Have a great weekend!

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Sean is for Oakland, small business and local artists.

Inkwell Tatoo, Piercing and Gallery

It’s 2012, THE most important election year since the last election!

Tonight I was fortunate to be able to attend an event hosted by one of the many people running for office in Oakland.

Sean Sullivan (@seanforoakland) is hoping to be a member of the Oakland City Council, representing District 3 which includes West Oakland, Downtown, Adam’s Point and Lake Merritt.  In an effort to get to know potential voters, he had an informational session at Inkwell, while showcasing local artists and helping to support an upcoming event for black nurses.

Sean Sullivan and Leslie Silket at Inkwell

Sean has been an activist in Oakland for over 10 years.  He is a member of the Community Block Grant Board,  a board member of Khadafy Washington Foundation for non-violence, and Oakland’s Community Action Partnership an organization dedicated towards reducing poverty. He also worked as an environmental health activist, advocating for such things as getting rid of BPA in sippy cups. He is all about supporting small business, which he demonstrates by having tonight’s meet and greet at Inkwell.

Inkwell Studio is a local tattoo, piercing and art gallery, located on the corner of 24th and Broadway in Downtown Oakland. Not only do they offer custom tattoos and with exceptional customer service, they display art by local artists.

Tonight they showcased a father and son team: Buggsy  and Wade Malone.  Buggsy is a Marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. On display were some beautiful wood work of  musical artists such as Tupac and Micheal Jackson. There even was a piece of work depicting Frida Khalo.

Tupac, by Buggsy Malone

His son Wade is a student at the Oakland School of the Arts. I didn’t see any wood art from him, but his drawings show great promise. I’m definitely thinking about buying the flowers, if someone else doesn’t snatch them up. (We need to support the kids, ya’ll!)

Also on hand was a bay area nurse named Leslie Silket, RN, BSN. She was there to share information about the 2nd Annual Black Nurses Event. This is a special occasion to celebrate ‘unsung heroes’. Nurses, for little pay and sometimes no benefits, dedicate their lives towards taking care of patients. It’s not an easy job, and it’s sadly unappreciated. Silket says that this is a opportunity for local African-American nurses to get together and share their stories,  celebrate triumphs and get a good meal!

The Black Nurses event will be Z Cafe Feb. 16 at 5 pm. Tickets are $40, but if you are a student nurse you can get in for free. Email Leslie Silket, for more information.

Flower Art by Wade Malone

Sean Sullivan says that it is important to support local businesses because they provide employment to Oakland residents, and bring revenues back to the city. He is a huge supporter of risk takers and dream makers, and feels that small businesses like Inkwell and artists like Buggsy and Wade Malone are “hella cool!”.

I agree.

Visit Inkwell Studio all this month to see more work from Buggsy Malone and his son Wade.

Support small business, local artists ..and don’t forget to vote!


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When “*hit people say..” is more than just funny.

This “*hit …. say” meme has been growing like crazy! People have been saying a lot for a long time, but apparently now is the time to air it all out for public commentary.

Black girls say

Black guys say..

White guys say to guys

Asian girls say..

Asian guys, drunk girls, baby mama’s, gay guys, southern gay guys.. You name it, they have all been sayin’!

However, it is ‘ish White girls say to Black girls that’s getting a lot of talk recently, and generating plenty of blog commentary. Franchesca Ramsey’s list of things white girls say to black girls is funny and all too familiar to plenty of Black women that have White girlfriends.

At the same time it has hit a nerve that we have previously ignored for the sake of friendship and the need to be PC. In the past we have tried to be more accepting of each other and in that effort, maybe we let some comments or questions slide in order to maintain a shaky peace.

Yet, 2011 and beyond seems to be the era of honesty! We have now come to a place where it’s possible to call folks out for their questionable behavior and laugh at it.

But are we really that comfortable?

I don’t know..”*hit Black girls ..say to White women” hasn’t come out yet.    ….    …..

I applaud the effort of everyone airing out dirty laundry so that we can discuss, come to some sort of understanding, hold hands and become friends. Yay!

However, I’m more interested in what some other people are saying in public that isn’t getting talked about as much as it needs to.

Newt Gingrich Says He Would Urge Blacks To Demand Paychecks, Not Food Stamps In Front Of NAACP.

Gingrich told a town hall meeting at a senior center in Plymouth, N.H., that if the NAACP invites him to its annual convention this year, he’d go there and talk about “why the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.”


According to the USDA SNAP Household Characteristic Report for 2010, African American’s make up 22% of those in the food stamp program. That’s not even the majority…*cough*Caucasians make up 35%*cough*. What is he going to tell the rest of them?

The Republican candidates are saying a lot of *hit about minorities and low income people. Gingrich and Santorium (the “I don’t want to make Black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” guy) both have made some sketchy comments about Black people and welfare. Ron Paul defends denounces racist newsletters he has written in the past. And let’s not forget about their opinions on immigration, the Occupy Wall Street movement, women’s reproductive rights etc.

These candidates are airing dirty laundry all over the place.

A significant and really harmful difference is that these people have the power to effect us in more damaging ways than getting us to laugh or have deep conversations at the water cooler.

One of these people can potentially become the President of the United States.

The potential candidate could help elect a congress that would have the power to make some significant changes. They could cut social benefits, appoint a radical supreme court member, go to war with Iran for no reason, kick out ALL illegal immigrants.. We thought the Bush era was bad? At the time no one thought Bush would get elected.. and now  Santorium is a front runner!

We need to talk about that.

Do you care that these candidates saying some crazy ‘ish? Are we really at a place where we can say anything about each other and get away with it? How would YOU react to “*hit Black girls say to White Girls?”

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