Cranberry Sauce (via These are the days…) my attempt at laziness I volunteered to make nothing for Turkey Day and opted to just go to visit friends and partake of their food.

However after reading this post, I got excited.

I LOVE cranberry sauce. Canned or not. After reading the attached blog I figure why not be adventurous and make it!

There is a recipe attached to this blog. I am going to try it. I am sooo excited. I will share my results. I am going to make cornbread too. Whole wheat. Cause I like it. Yay!

Have a great Turkey Day. 🙂

Cranberry Sauce I love cranberry juice, I love Craisins, I really, really love cranberry cocktails, but I have never been a cranberry sauce fan. Source: Flickr User busbeytheelder Perhaps, the sight of the gelatinous mass with the ridges still intact screaming, "I'm canned, I'm canned" is what puts me off.  Well, my brother-in-law loves cranberry sauce.  As I am a good host and I'm so thankful that he's coming, I feel the need to provide.  Except it truly goes a … Read More

via These are the days…


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